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Shusui High Carbon Steel Real Katana

Shusui High Carbon Steel Real Katana

  • Name: Shusui
  • Regional Feature: JAPAN
  • Overall Length: 104CM
  • Blade Length: 71CM
  • Blade Feature: sanding polished, plating
  • Specification: katana
  • Blade material: 1045 High Carbon Steel 
  • Scabbard material: Hard Wood 
  • Handle: Full tang Hand forged
  • Color: Black/Plum
  • Blade Edge: sharp
  • Packing: Strong carton box,black sword bag
  •  Delivery Worldwide: 10 Days
  • Care Instructions

    Keeping your katana in good condition:


    1. Don’t touch the blade with your hands
    It may seem obvious but the first thing everyone does when holding a katana in their hands is to feel the blade. You absolutely shouldn’t do that as the acids from your fingers can deteriorate the blade and cause it to rust. Perhaps you think the tough samurai sword can’t be hurt by a simple touch, but fact is it can.
    If you can’t help it, at least make sure to wipe and oil the carbon steel blade of the sword each time after it’s touched.

    2. Oil your blade frequently
    To prevent rust on the carbon steel blade of your katana make sure you oil it regularly. You can use natural oils such as mineral, camellia or clove oil, or synthetic oils such as silicone based ones which usually come in a spray can. Oiling the blade takes less than 5 minutes of your time and you should do it each time after you used the sword, or once every three months if not used.

    3. Store the sword in the saya
    This tip will help you with two things. First, your sword won’t collect dust which can over time damage your blade. And second you’ll prevent the saya (scabbard) from warping or otherwise distorting. Wood can bend or twist or otherwise lose form due to heat or dampness so keeping your sword in the scabbard is a good way to prevent that from happening.
    You should also occasionally take care of the wooden parts of the sword as well such as the aforementioned saya (scabbard). You can protect them by lacquering, varnishing or waxing. For cleaning the wood a mild furniture lemon oil is recommended.

    4. Don’t parry swords in training
    If you’re banging your sword against your friends katana that’s the best way to damage it, so unless that’s your goal I suggest you avoid it. It may look cool in the movies but it will nick your blade, and the notches will be very visible over time and your sword will definitely lose its value. If you want to spar with someone use a shinai, if for no other reason then for safety.

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